Thinkr prompts

  • Recency of an articlehighlighted to draw the user’s attention to the publication date so they turn their mind to whether the article might contain developing, established, historical or out-of-date information. 
  • News vs opinionthe user’s attention is drawn to whether this is an identified opinion piece so they consider whether it might be written so as to influence or direct their thinking. Since all news is presented as factual reporting (what happened), analysis (why it happened) or opinion (what to think of what happened), as the AI develops it will independently detect the nature of the reporting style in the article. 
  • Political spectrumthis is a basic assessment of where reporting from this media organization usually sits on the political spectrum – divided into five basic categories: left, center left, center, center right and right. As the AI and the information database are developed, this function will develop subject matter specific assessments of where the organization sits in its reporting on that specific issue. We have three methods of identifying this positioning which include: Advisor recommendations, aggregate of published sources, community voting. This is the most comprehensive method to find an approximation of accurate biase, as we consider a range of inputs, which are ongoing, diverse and feed into our assessment. 
  • Partisanship biasthis is a basic assessment of the bias with which this media organization is generally known to report – from generally balanced, moderately biased to strongly biased. It reflects the degree to which reporting from this media organization may contain selective information, incomplete truths, unfair persuasion or reinforce particular narratives. The separation of this element from the political spectrum allows for acknowledgement that, for example, more bias to a center left position does not mean a further left political position, nor that more left necessarily means less factual or more biased.
  • Media organization ownershipthis provides the user with basic critical information on the ownership structure, that may be relevant to understanding its/their role, influence, interest and bias in the news that is being presented to the user. It includes links to relevant wiki pages for further reading.
  • Mainstream media comparison: gives the user quick access to articles from 3 to 5 other mainstream media organizations from across the political spectrum, allowing the user to readily see how an issue is being reported from left to right. This provides exposure, fosters understanding and awareness, and ultimately a more informed perspective on a given issue. Initially, these options will be fixed for each media organization, with a view to developing a customizable function to allow the user to select their preferences from the left, center and right. 
  • Alternative media sourcesas mainstream media becomes increasingly polarized into the largely indistinguishable centrist left and right, users are looking for news and analysis outside the mainstream. This function will give ready access to reporting on the progressive left and conservative right to see non-mainstream perspectives on the article’s subject matter. As the AI and information database develop, this function will develop to include subject matter specific alternative media options. Allowing, for example, quick links to African American media where the subject matter is particularly related or relevant to African American concerns, or links to First Nations media for articles on Indigenous issues. 



australian media organisations 🇦🇺



Fox News


NBC News

Huff Post

USA Today

New York Post

New York Times

Washington Post

Wall Street Journal

LA Times



Sydney Morning Herald/Sun Herald

The Australian/The Weekend Australian


The Guardian: AU Edition

ABC Australia

The Age


Brisbane Times

The West Australian

Daily Telegraph/The Sunday Telegraph 

Courier Mail/The Sunday Mail

Herald Sun / Sunday Herald Sun

The Advertiser/Sunday Mail

The Mercury/The Sunday Tasmanian

Daily Mail