'The future of grey matters'

Doing the checks on your news so you don't have to.

Detecting on over 2000 news media sites 

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Get informed on bias and see how your news is covered across the spectrum, to help you get closer to the truth

Save time on research with our Chrome Extension detects and checks your news using Machine Learning

A comprehensive tool to help you decipher truth in fake news in the post truth era. 

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What do people say about Thinkrs?

"Even though they often claim it, the media is never objective. Everything is always written from a certain perspective which colors the message. Thinkrs equips you with quick tools to do some background research to expose this perspective, which would otherwise simply be too time expensive for the regular reader. It's a promising and highly necessary product!"

Critical thinking methodology

Our verified methodology lists a process to help you think critically when reading a news article.

'thinkr prompts' with a click

Our extension detects and presents context cues to strengthen your reading experience, in seconds.

Continuous improvement

Voting on bias in articles improves our methodology and algorithm, as we engage more experts on an ongoing basis

What are


We consulted a diverse range of experts to decide on the most important information to get closer to truth in news and improve critical thinking skills. 

For our launch, we have chosen four useful prompts from our list, to help. 

These include:

1/ Recency of an article

2/ News vs opinion

3/ Mainstream media comparison

4/ Media organisation information:
a) ownership
b) political spectrum
c) partisan bias

Compatible with over 2000 news websites

Newspaper on LG G5

Adding more everyday!



Whitepaper available now. 

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Share your feedback

Use our extension and vote when you read articles online. Tell us what you enjoy, what you think should be improved and highlight examples of blatant bias when you see them  


Dan - Co-Founder & CTO
Chamira - Co-Founder & CEO
Jay - Co-Founder & CSO
Anth - Co-Founder & CIO
Wilke & Talitha - Marketing Directors


Lucy Nicholls: Branding
Alexis Papazoglou: Philosophy & Critical Thinking
siri Gamage: Sociology & Critical Thinking
Vaibhav Namburi: Tech strategy & growth


Your feedback is most valuable to us.

We welcome contributors who can advise from a critical thinking perspective, to hone our methodology and Thinkr Prompts.

Media and enquiries: team@thinkrs.co

Our impact is stronger with you. We all have a stake in the solution. 


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